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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Vista's getting good, but good enough for me?

It’s Christmas Eve and here I am adding an entry into my blog. I have seen Windows Vista and it looks like it's turning into to something nice. Did I say that? Yeh, I admit, this Vista thing, might be a winner. Or is it? When you look closer at Vista's interface and eye candy it's looking more and more like Mac OS X. So why would i want to buy a PC’s version of Mac OS X? Let’s take a look at why i probably won’t buy Vista, no matter how nice it is.

1. It has annoying licensing schemes
2. It controls my data. (Such as DRM technology)
3. It collects information about my computer and sends it off to Gates land.
4. It has a registry
5. It has the famous Microsoft unpredictable behaviour

Those are five very good reasons to me. Let me explain some of them. When i change a motherboard out or a RAM stick or two, Windows requires me to call Microsoft to get a key. I’m basically asking Microsoft permission to use what i just bought. This is a major hassle to me and it’s a turn off. I don’t need to do this for Linux or Mac. It sends back information about who knows what,when it crashes. It’s none of their business, which brings me to the next point. It’s none of Microsoft's business how i use my ipod or my software programs. I should be able to make decisions and control my computer not the other way around. It has a registry and this is not going to change with Vista. Registry entry’s are a mess and always have been. They are easy to break and easy to change. To edit the registry you need to be in windows, to edit important Unix system data you just need to be in a terminal. If something breaks with Unix its easy to replace the files that are broken, not so with Windows. So i hate the registry. The strange behaviour is something i’ve always come to hate. Sometimes networking works beautifully in XP and other times it doesn’t Your connection could work today and just break tomorrow without any clue. Sometimes Windows acts like its possessed and you do a complete check and find that it’s a fluke. This happens alot and I hate it. Mac OS X does break down, but once its fixed, it works. Same as for Linux. Everyday you boot up and do your things it acts the same everyday. Consistency is something Windows always lacked. In addition Windows slows down, Unix, Linux and Mac does not.New features are nice, security is getting better, new and improved eye looks like Mac, but its not. It needs a complete rebuild from the ground up. I just dont see Microsoft doing that. Once you have tasted the freedom of an open source OS you start to question why you need to go back. I’m sure i’ll end up using it, since im in the IT industry, but you wont see me using it for personal use.


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