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Friday, December 30, 2005

"Wooh As Me" Fund

Almost New Years and what am i doing so exciting? We'll to add something new to my blog, how about a “Wooh As Me!” fund. I'm a poor sad, IT professional who lives in a dark lonely house with an old G4 PowerMac. In truth, i dug the poor thing out of the garbage. That's right, someone was going to throw it away! (Probably a PC Weenie) So i took it home, ordered some newer parts and I've been using it for more than a year. I use the beast for my ipod, photo editing, surfing and now it's starting to show it;s age. I've been waiting for the last of the PowerPC machines, the reason? Once the Intel ones come out I'll have to buy all new software and since im poor, i can;t afford it. WOOH AS ME! I've jumped onto the Mac bandwagon ever since i dug my poor baby of the trash and loved using one ever since. Yes, i also have an ipod, but you see...I don't want Windows anymore. I have enough of those at work. Like a woman who lives alone with her cats, i have my poor old workstations to take care of. Your probably saying i need a girlfriend and you'd be right. Being a Geek isn't easy, especially in the industry such as ours with many folks completing for the good jobs. I'd even settle for working for Apple selling iMacs. God, only knows how much I've help their business by converting the world. So, today I'm going to beg all of you to give to the fund for he can buy a Mac before the Intel bell tolls. Now we want a QUAD MAC 2.5GHZ MONSTER!....oops..I'm really sorry, Id even settle for the 2GHZ duel core model if you can help a starving IT professional. I'd even live off of mac and cheese for awhile. I pass by the Mac store and just stare and imagine my self sitting in a nice warm comfortable chair; doing my Photoshop CS. I don't ask for much. So help a poor IT Pro out and give him some love this year by giving to the fund of Wooh As Me. I'll even let you come over and play with it now and then.


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