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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Give us what we want and we'll buy

According to many sources the buying of new music is on the decline. why? Another interesting find was that online music sales, have suddenly jumped over record stores. Overall a study shows that for music in all, less people are buying new music. We’ll i do have a couple of personal theories.

1. People want to put their music where-ever they want to.Via ipod, computer, memory stick, PSP or just to burn another cd for the camper. Another words, no or less restrictions

2. The new music of today just plain sucks.

Now let me point out the first one. The reason for the increase in online music stores is due to the point of convenience The reason why it doesn't conflict with the second point is due to the fact that as of yet, buying music online hasn’t had any major problems with people burning a CD from a playlist and then turning that over to another format. The annoyance however, is growing.

I for one, certainly no longer go to the record store for a couple of reasons. First of all they have mostly new music and they don't have anything for my 80’s fix. I don't want to wait two weeks for my collection of New Wave hits. So it’s a matter of convenience mostly. Secondly, newer cds from different companies prevent you from making copies or stopping you from putting the music your bought on MP3 players. Kinda defeats the purpose of why you bought the CD. No one is going to buy a CD from a record store if they can’t put the songs they like on their brand new ipod nano they just got for Christmas. The more DRM you put into music making it harder for people to use, the less consumers are going to buy. People are informative and smart and it shows.

No 2 on my list is just pure speculation, but as time goes on, the industry has trouble making up fresh new ideas for the public. I see alot of new bands that play music that sounds like something else we all heard before. When you hear people say, “Sounds like Britany or maybe not” it’s the cloners that are making music just a wash out. The reason i like 80s and the reason that place and time was so great was, no one artist sounded like another. Tons of fresh faces and new ideas. Alot of music today was born of that time, mostly rap and hip-hop. Nothing revolutionary is made today, just crap. I don't see that many pirates on the rise, i just see smarter consumers. Why should i buy full album of Nickelback when i only like one or two songs on the album? Simple, one songs good while a whole lot of other songs suck. Write better songs or albums and get better results. If i like an whole album, i buy the whole damn thing and that is becoming a rarity lately. You can only buy singles in a record store but online music stores you can buy any song you want for .99 cents. So even if you like one song that's not even a single, you can just buy what you want and nothing more. This gives the freedom of choice.

If online music stores start pushing for higher prices, you just might see more piracy or buying on the decline again. As of now, .99 cents is the magic number. Case in point for all that i’ve put on the table tonight....if you want me to buy music give me a compelling reason to do so. Start understanding what your people need and fill in those gaps. Isn't that what Commerce is all about?


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