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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is Linux worth it?

Many IT professionals debate whether to use Linux or continue to use Windows despite all its problems. Recently i had a discussion with a friend from my Server 2003 class and a friendly debate turned into a session of self-reflection. Do people use Windows because they have to or because they want to? Is my dislike for Windows because of the way Microsoft does business or is it truly a lousy operating system. I'd say “yes” on both counts. So far true Linux lovers go for the gusto and cut down anyone who installs a version of Linux that has been pre-compiled. A distro, if you will. They prefer Linux completely built from scratch. Naturally they have good reasons for thinking this way, since the lot of them want their computers to run fast, smooth and stable. I guess you need to ask yourself, what is important in an Operating System for you? I love Linux for many reasons. I think its an excellent solution for servers and routers. So, would I use Gentoo and compile it from scratch? I dont know about you, but i dont have four days to wait for my machine to be usable, especially if im using it for a desktop. An Operating System for me must be powerful, easy to use, secure, stable and can be configured relatively quickly. Now Windows is powerful, easy to use and can be installed quickly, however its not that stable and it's sure as hell not secure. What about Linux? That depends on the distro, but more are powerful, secure and stable. The problem lies in installing quickly and its ease of use. It often takes a long time to install and configure. Some distros have made great strides in being all those things and i am running a few of those for my servers. Other than gaming use. the Macintosh does all these things and does them extremely well right out of the box. It's like taking Windows and Linux marrying them and then having a baby. True, its trapped on a single platform, but all platforms have their use and it just so happens i can use it for almost every task i can throw at it. In time I believe Linux will catch up and maybe perhaps Windows Vista as well. Until then my desktop of choice is clear...


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