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Thursday, January 12, 2006

So much for 64-bit

The power is there for mobile computers people! The new Intel Core Duo is released in the new MacBook Pro and iMac. Most people are excited to get their hands on the newest Macintosh that suppose to kick some serious ass. Steve Jobs let us all know the new Intel iMac is over 3.2X faster in some apps than the PowerPC G5. Yes, twin cores on the same die. So Steve, can i put on the latest Mathematica 64-bit on my Intel iMac? The latest Intel chip is not 64-bit capable. So what's Apple's answer to this? I can understand not having a 64-bit chip on a laptop, because who is really going to install 4GB or more of RAM in a laptop? How about a desktop or workstation? We'll for databases, scientific applications, video editors and photo editors, dealing with large files of course. So what is the Intel Core Duo doing in an iMac? It's a mobile chip! A very poor move on Apple's part. In addition to this you can't just install your old apps and expect it to work perfectly. Rosetta is a program in the x86 version of Mac OS X that pretends to be an Intel Processor. So you can load your PowerPC apps. Does it work like it suppose to? We'll not all apps. So what does this leave you to switching right now? You need to buy all new apps for universal binaries and pay again. So,if your using 64-bit apps and you bought a shiny new Intel iMac your screwed. We'll at least you can use photo booth. My guess is iBooks are going to have a single core as well as the Mac Mini. This leaves PowerMacs. What if those are not 64-bit? Apple tooted it's horn for being the worlds first 64-bit personal computer. So much for that.


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