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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yep, it's ok!

We'll, I've watched the new Battlestar Galactica and i actually gave it a two seasons watch and you know what I think? We'll, its not bad. At first looking at Starbuck as a tough blond chick with an attitude smoking a cigar took some time. Boomer as a prego Asian Cylon female. Baltar as some weirded out weeping idiot..well i guess i can handle it. The characters are starting to form into their own skin and it shows. I really didn't want to give it a chance, considering when the first Battlestar came out in 1978 i watched it on TV and loved it. Yep, got actions figures, bought the lunch box and the light switch cover. I was a sci-fi junky even as a kid. So, what happened to Lucifer? I have to say that the way the new Cylons look are absolutely sick. It's cool as hell. I guess just like Star Trek: The Next Generation when no one wanted a bald headed captain, people started to accept it. The thing im tired of is this emotion rubbish between characters and tons of dribble dialog, when i want to see things blown up. Action! Anyhoo, i give it the thumbs up. For now.


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