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Monday, February 13, 2006

Apple Buys Palm?

Valentine's Day, Yahoo! Tax returns are coming and my desire for a new Mac is higher than ever. It's now a race against time. I have tons of applications that run on PowerPC, so it makes sense that i try and get one as quickly as possible. I have Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro and I'll be damned if i have to pay money again for them. I personally believe it was a bit early to release the Intel Macs and it's clear that Apple's developer's weren't ready. Ok, onto other things.

One article i just read was that Apple was considering buying out Palm Inc. In my opinion that would put Apple on the map for PDA's. Think of it, iTunes, Mac PDA edition and one that is half phone based. Apple could dominate. Using a modified Kernel of OS X, why not? I realize in the past there are ghosts that haunt Apple, such as the failing Newton, but honestly that was a great idea. It just wasn't deployed properly and the software was too buggy. How about now? PDA's are well accepted in today's work environment, especially if you could use them also as a phone. Do you think Apple is considering these points, when thinking about buying Palm? I do. Palm's OS was a hybrid of BeOS when the company bought what is left of the old OS. At one time Apple considered using it as their NeXt OS. (No pun intended) It's funny how things come in full circle. I do say, it maybe a match made in heaven. Happy V-day!


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