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Monday, April 10, 2006

Will Apple become Dell?

Many people absolutely love the idea of loading Windows on their Macintosh's. In case you haven’t heard the news, you can download a beta version of “Boot Camp” that gives Intel Mac users the choice of running Windows or Mac OS X via boot menu. For users this is a great opportunity to buy one machine and run two OS’s without having to buy a second computer. So, whats the problem?

Mac developers are going to see this and say, “Why should we make a Mac version when a Mac computer can run Windows? Let’s just not make a Mac version at all and make a Windows version.” See the problem? When this thought process continues you might be running Windows XP full time on your Mac.

In the past software makers didn’t make Mac versions because they were in limited numbers. It’s true that this move could result in more hardware sales for Apple, but this could also back fire. Mac to me is also a software company. They make the best software in the world in my opinion. What will happen if Apple ports a few of their apps to Windows? What will that show other third party software developers? It’s a creepy thing to see Windows XP boot up on a Mac. It’s even worse to imagine that Mac OS X will be gone someday and ordering from Apple will be similar as ordering a PC from Dell.


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