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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Metallica, are you still here?

Back in the old days, 1985…I was a young lad in High School wearing my tight jeans, leather jackets and long hair. I first learned how to play the bass guitar, because of a man named Cliff Burton. The bass player from Metallica. I was their biggest fan. I had every album and bought anything with their picture or name on them. A lot of time has passed and I can safety say now in 2006, I hate them.

The day of change came when they released “…and Justice For All” and I quickly bought and threw it in my CD player. The new bass man, Jason Newstead was another influence for me, because I was a fan of Flotsam and Jetsom. When I heard the new album I couldn’t hear his bass! I mean, it was gone. Everything on it sounded like a monkey did the mix. Every album after that either had terribly written songs on it and the mix was junk.

Then Lars Ulrich started sueing their fans, because they started using Napter to trade their songs. Isn’t that what made them famous to begin with. Trading tapes? They cut their hair and Hetfield attempted to sing. Bad move. They pissed off Jason enough for him to quit and now they release some stupid movie that only shows them acting like a bunch of asses.

It’s to believe these are the same people who made Master of Puppet. I prefer Megadeth or Slayer over Metallica any day. It’s sad to see all your heroes fall on their asses. It just about happens to every successful band. They lose their focus and it becomes more about the money and less about the music.


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